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HRKS pic
SSD Performance Rally Roof Rails for 2014-2018 KIA Souls (WITHOUT Panoramic Roof) Give You a Serious Roof Rack Option

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Our SSD Performance "Hybrid" Roof Rails for the 2014-2018 Souls* give you a serious roof rack option! (Will NOT fit Panoramic Roof, EV or Canadian models)

We call these "Hybrid" roof rails because they offer all of the advantages of traditional long roof rails with the ease of quick installation in the existing factory "fixed" cross bar mounts on your Soul with no drilling or modification required

Our new Hybrid Roof Rails allow the use of traditional aftermarket cross bars to be placed anywhere along the rails up to 50" apart for added security when carrying longer items like kayaks, canoes, long cargo boxes, ladders, etc.

Our SSD Hybrid Roof Rails are made of 100% STAINLESS STEEL for strength and corrosion resistance and then finished in a tough, black powder coat finish to look good for years. These are solid and mount easily. These include all mounting hardware and instructions

*Please note that these rails will NOT fit the EV Soul, Souls with the Panoramic roof or Canadian Souls

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SSD Performance Hybrid Roof Rails;

RRKS10 pic

RRKS10 pic
2010-2013 Kia Souls... SSD Rally Roof Rails, Full Length Roof Rails Are 100% Stainless Steel with a Tough, Black Powder Coat Finish

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Our SSD Performance Rally Roof Rails are the foundation for a versatile, heavy duty roof rack system for your 2010-2013 Kia Soul. These new rails are 68" long so optional cross bars can be adjusted for up to a 64" spread for carrying longer items more securely like kayaks, canoes, ladders, etc

Our Rally Roof Rails feature all welded, 100% stainless steel construction so there's no plastic to fade, crack or break. These roof rails are finished in a tough, black powder coating

These install with no special tools and there's NO drilling into the steel roof! the only drilling required is through the plastic roof seam trim so there are no airbag issues or leaks to worry about. These install from the outside so there is no need to remove your headliner for installation

For all 2010-2013 Kia Souls with or with out a factory sunroof, all trim levels and with or without a factory rear spoiler

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2010-2013 Soul SSD Rally Roof Rails;

RLB pic

RLB pic
SSD Performance Rally Light Bars are now available for the 2011-2016 KIA Sportage and 2012-2016 KIA Soul!

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Our SSD Performance Rally Light Bars feature 4 light mounting tabs, all welded construction and a tough, black powder coat finish so they'll look good for years to come. We include the license plate relocating bracket in case you need to keep your front license plate

With our SSD Rally Light Bar you can mount up to four 6" driving lights or an LED light bar. You can mount 2 lights on the outer light tabs and keep your front license plate in it's stock location or you can mount 4 lights (or LED light bar) for a more aggressive look and still keep your front license plate with the included powder coated steel license plate relocating bracket.

These come with all necessary mounting hardware and installation instructions for the light bar, hardware for the license plate bracket not included because it will have to fit whatever lights you pick to mount
We have applications for all 2011-2016 KIA Sportages and all 2010-2016 KIA Souls EXCEPT the Red Zone Edition

Lights pictured are NOT included
Bumper cover removal required for installation
These will NOT fit the Red Zone edition or EV Souls

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Our SSD Performance All Welded, One Piece Strut Tower Braces for all 2014-2016 Souls Will Improve Handling and Stability

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WITHOUT A DOUBT, A Strut Tower Brace is one of the BEST modifications that can be done to your Soul...

Our SSD Performance All Welded, One Piece Strut Tower Braces for the 2014-2016 Kia Souls are the closest thing to welding in a solid brace. Our design "boxes" the top of the front suspension of your Soul to stabilize the top of the strut towers. When the strut towers don't move, the Soul's handling becomes more stable and the result is better cornering, less wandering, added stability in cross winds and rutted roads and more precise steering
Our braces are made from heavy gauge rectangular steel and powder coated for a long lasting finish and are available in either gloss black or gloss red powder coating
All of our SSD Strut Brace kits include all necessary mounting hardware and instructions. Easy bolt on installation

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